Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

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Key features:

● Influential top MMORPG that shaped the entire gaming world we know today
● A looting system that is still fun and addictive
● Attractive rewards for winners in Dual Arenas

Runescape was an essential part of everyone’s life from 2001 and beyond! We spent countless hours chatting with people we’ve met over the game. This is still one of the best MMO games, as you can still see people streaming it on Twitch.

Runescape introduced fan-implemented changes, as Jagex (the game’s developers) consulted the community on what to add to it. There’s a mobile version now, which means you can experience one of the top MMORPGs of all time on the go. Enjoy the title that started it all, as you take a walk through memory lane.

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