Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

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Lost Ark

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Lost Ark game review

Lost Ark

Key features:

● An action-centric playing format with additional strategic elements
● Multiple camera angles to add to the realistic feel of the entire game
● Uniquely designed demons as skilled enemies

What happens when you fuse Biblical lore, demonic antagonists and a futuristic feel? You get Lost Ark, one of the best new MMORPG 2019 games. Even the best version has caused a lot of stir in the gaming community. The realistic feel signified to both critics and fans alike that Smilegate just might have created a legendary title.

We don’t see this mix of stories and influence often, so it’s going to be an amazing journey from start to finish. The final enemy will be the demon lord Kazeros and his six nightmarish legions. We can’t wait.

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